Building Contractors

A contractor (as opposed to the role of a sub-contractor) is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of a construction site, management of vendors and trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the course of a building project. A building contractor must first assess the project-specific documents (referred to as bid, proposal or tender documents). In the case of renovations,… More

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Certified By: BSI Group Singapore Pte Ltd Other Standard: bizSAFE STAR Scope: The provision of general building construction and general cleaning & conservancy services. Activities: Provision of general building construction including… More

Certified By: AJA Registrars Pte Ltd Scope: General construction works, civil engineering works and its related industries work. Activities: Civil Engineering: • Drainage Works • Earth Works • Road Works • ERSS Works •… More

Certified By: AJA Registrars Pte Ltd Other Standard: bizSAFE STAR Scope: General building construction works and interior decoration works.