AS 9100


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Scope:Manufacturing of precision aerospace engine parts.

Scope:Design and manufacture of galley inserts for Airlines Industries (Central Function).

Scope:Manufacturing of precision engineering products.

Scope:Manufacture and maintenance of aircraft seats and cabin interior components.

Scope:Design of jigs & fixtures for aerospace industry & outsourcing of precision machining & secondary processes. Production of stamped parts & components.

Scope:• Precision machining of metal components such as chassis, spindle knob and rings• Fabrication and welding of sheet metal cabinets such as printing equipment

Scope:Fabrication of airfoils for aircraft engine and machining of aircraft parts.

Scope:Precision machining of aerospace engine parts.

Scope:Manufacture of jigs, fixtures and tooling for aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Scope:• Sales and stocking of specialty metals, including cutting, machining and slitting processes• Heat treatment services