AS 9100


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Scope:Provision of upholstery and replacement of aircraft cabin interior parts such as aircraft seats, carpet and curtain.

Scope:• Fabrication and manufacturing of aircraft cabin interiors such as carpets, seat covers, vent filters & insulation blankets• Provision of service and support for upholstery, waste line and accessories & fabric dry cleaning

Scope:Provision of anodising treatment services.

Scope:Fabrication of tools & dies, jigs & fixtures and precision machined spare parts such as for stamping tools.

Scope:Provision of precision machining services.

Scope:Provision of services and support for the aesthetic appearance of aircraft exteriors and cabin interiors.

Scope:Manufacturing of precision aerospace engine parts.

Scope:Provision of surface finishing services covering passivation, chemical polishing, anodising, deburring and zinc plating.

Scope:Design and manufacture of galley inserts for Airlines Industries (Central Function).