A comprehensive directory of Singapore companies certified to the highly acclaimed ISO standards and other recognised certification standards.



Firms that are ISO 50001 certified will save more: IEA

EXCELLENCE in energy management is very important for the energy efficiency movement globally. The closely watched Energy Efficiency 2017 report produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA) says: "The application of energy management systems, which provide a structure to monitor energy consumption and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, is growing, driven by policy and financial incentives.

"The ...more

S'pore-certified firms will clear Australian customs faster

Companies that have been certified by the Singapore Customs for adhering to robust security practices can now enjoy a faster customs clearance process for goods that they export to Australia, the agency for trade facilitation and revenue enforcement said yesterday.

Certified Singapore firms will also be subject to reduced documentary and cargo inspections. The same will be applied to Australian ...more