A comprehensive directory of Singapore companies certified to the highly acclaimed ISO standards and other recognised certification standards.



Quality and Standards – Key Pillar of the Future Economy

Ever since Singapore gained independence in 1965, quality and standards (Q&S) have been an integral part of its economic and social growth. In the early years it was vital in ensuring that Singapore-made products and components met global standards, including the stringent demands of leading multinationals and their customers worldwide. Administered by the Singapore Instit ...more

Ushering Bunker Fuel Measurement into the Digital Age

As the largest bunkering centre in the world supplying over 40 million tonnes annually, Singapore is setting the pace for the multi-billion dollar industry. Since 1992, when the Singapore Bunkering Procedure was introduced to establish a common standard for bunker delivery, the Maritime and Ports Authority of Singapore (MPA) has worked with SPRING, the Singapore Standards Cou ...more

Maximising Opportunities of Longevity

With a low birth rate and long life expectancy, Singapore is ageing faster than most countries, outstripping even Japan, known for its rapidly greying population. Japan took 26 years to make the transition from an ageing to an aged society. Singapore will achieve the same in just 18 years. By 2030, some 900,000 of Singapore’s residents, almost one in five, will be aged 65 yea ...more

Keeping Certification Activities in Singapore Up to Standard

The Accreditation Scheme for Quality Management System Certification Bodies was launched by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) in October 1996 to maintain the standard of certification activities in Singapore. Since then, SAC has introduced a number of accreditation programmes to assure the quality of certification activities in Singapore. SAC offers the following ...more